Rowan - Hide (E-Pattern)


Rowan - Hide
By Martin Storey

Knitting | Digital Pattern

A monochrome-stripe sweater for the cool-kids in town! Knitted using two contrasting shades of Summerlite DK, this children’s knit by Martin Storey is simple, but delivers bags of style.

This pattern is an e-pattern and will be emailed to you directly from Rowan.

Sizes: 3-4yrs (5-6yrs) 7-8yrs (9-10yrs) 11-12yrs
Recommended Yarn: Rowan Summerlite DK
Required Amount: 4-2 (4-2) 5-3 (5-3) 6-3 balls of Summerlite DK.
Needles: Straight Needles: 3.25mm & 3.75mm

The amount of balls you will need depends on how many meters there are in a ball. The Summerlite DK has 130m in a 50g ball so please take this into consideration when buying yarn for this pattern.