Botties Basic Edition Sole Set


Botties Basic Edition Sole Set

Knitting and Crochet | 3 Sizes

Botties® are shoe soles that allow you to create your own customized slippers or shoes through crocheting, knitting, or sewing.
Botties® soles are made of soft, flexible material that offers a comfortable feel almost like walking barefoot.
The recyclable material of their soles, their durability, and the adhesive-free handicraft concept help to reduce waste and protect the environment. Botties® soles are robust and durable, and can withstand frequent use for a long time since adhesives are deliberately avoided, the soles can be redesigned several times.
Botties® soles are slip-resistant, making home socks and crochet slippers safer and more stable reducing the risk of accidents and wear! The pre-punched edge allows easy connection to the upper shoe. With its rounded edges and neutral shape, the Botties® sole quickly adapts to the foot.
Botties® soles are easy to clean and can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Felt insoles only hand wash. Do not tumble dry. Care instructions are also printed inside of the package (note: please check washing instructions on the yarn/ fabric you have used for your design!)

Contains: 1 pair of soles, 1 pair of insoles (3mm, acrylic), 5m waxed thread, 1 pair labels and instructions.